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Alpha Omicron Pi's

Core Values


Commitment to

Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on a promise to serve not only one another but the greater community as well. This commitment reflects a philosophy of friendship, concern, and usefulness in the world.


Commitment to

Whether a member chooses to serve as a chapter officer, or represent AOII as a member of other campus or community organizations, there are numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills as a member of AOII.


Commitment to

AOII encourages all members to excel academically and has many programs designed to assist women in achieving their academic goals. Expectations are high but the support provided by scholarship programs, academic development officer resources, and fellow members makes success attainable.


Commitment to
College Loyalty

From collegiate years on through alumnae involvement, the reason AOIIs continue service is the joy of spending time together and sharing the insights learned from the relationships we build and sustain.

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Letter from the President

Dear Future Sister, On behalf of the Gamma Chi Chapter at Carleton University, welcome to Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII)! We can’t wait to show you what makes our sisterhood so special. My name is Andrea, I was initiated in Fall 2020 and AOII has been my home ever since.

Here at AOII we are committed to pursuing the best version of ourselves through academics, philanthropy and leadership opportunities. Our tagline, Inspire Ambition, encourages us to use our skills and gifts to better ourselves and better the world around us.

The Gamma Chi Chapter of AOII is made up of more than 50 unique women who support, inspire, and care for each other’s goals, dreams and aspirations. Together, our chapter supports both local and international philanthropies to give back to our community. We have an alumnae mentorship program to encourage our members to reach their potential and fulfill their dreams. As well as countless leadership positions to encourage our sisters to get involved and make a difference. The past two years have been so different from what we all expected our university experience to be, but through the struggles and the disappointments that came with the pandemic, I had a sisterhood that supported, cared for me, and cheered me on every step of the way.

I am incredibly thankful to AOII, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be part of a sorority, let alone the President of one, but the group of women that I have found here as my forever friends. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to know each and every one of them. These women are my home-away from home, we are each other's biggest cheerleaders, mentors, best friends, and family. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, learn more about our Chapter, and AOII, we hope you’ll find your home here.

Alpha Love and Mine,

Andrea Pulgarin